Mesures COVID-19


Together facing the invisible threat


After a several months' lockdown, we can now all travel more easily and rediscover the pleasure of meeting outside our homes.

However, the virus remains present and we must continue to fight against its spread.

This is why, at Clos Saint Jacques, we implemented prevention and protection measures, so that everyone (you and us) can share good times together safely.


First of all, we’ll ask you to let us know in advance your arrival time, so that we can be present to welcome you at our gate.

When you arrive, we’ll offer you some hydroalcoholic gel to sanitize your hands.
Of course we’ll have to respect social distancing rules, so we’ll stand more than 1 meter away from each-other.

Then we’ll give you the keys of your room, previously disinfected, placed in a single-use envelope, and we'll lead you to your room and answer your questions.

In case several guests would arrive at the same time, we’ll ask them to wait outside in the courtyard.
And for those who would need an individual safety kit including 1 mask + 50ml of hydro-alcoholic gel + 1 pair of gloves, it’ll cost 10€ each


Before the arrival of our guests, each room is ventilated for 1 hour.

Toilets and bathroom, as well as the hairdryers, mirrors, liquid dispensers for soap, shampoo and shower gel, are cleaned using special disinfectant meeting the EN14476 standard
All points of contact (door and window handles, switches, remote controls, bedside lamps) are also disinfected.

The furnitures (armchairs, cushions), as well as the floor (wool carpet, natural sisal carpets, wooden floor) are steamed, eliminating any virus beyond 60°C.
Bed and bathroom linen is systematically washed at 60°C using a special disinfectant for linen.

Books and magazines are no longer available in rooms, but disinfected and loaned only on request.
The hot and cold drinks usually available in the room are temporarily removed, and small bottles of water will be available instead.


Breakfasts, as well as meals reserved for our table d'hôtes, will be served at separate tables, indoors or outdoors, or at different times if necessary.

The dishes used for meals (table d'hôtes and breakfasts) are washed with water at 60°C (cristal and silverware) or washed in a dishwasher (temperature above 60°C).

For those who wish to enjoy our home, very pleasant in this season, we can offer you our gourmet plates and our aperitif boards, as well as a selection of wines from our winegrower friends.
For hygienic reasons, we no longer accept meals "taken from the bag".

You can be sure we’ll do anything to make your stay at CLOS SAINT JACQUES a pleasant and peaceful break, as always.


June 2nd, 2020.

Anne & Denis DUVEAU